Well, for communication!

    Pleased with the initiative of one inventor.

    I have long noticed that projects related to “bread and circuses!” Have a high development speed and significant profitability.

    Where to include a project that helps to find drinking buddies? :) Vodka is like bread, because (in theory) it is made from wheat, and in effect it is closer to spectacles: the psychoactivity of the drink is sufficient to receive different emotions. And to look at others in this state is still a sight, there are a lot of emotions ...

    But seriously, I immediately recall the “Disguise” of Henry Kuttner: “I get drunk from a high-frequency current like a shoemaker ...”. If the device can monitor the level of alcohol in the glass, then why not monitor the level of alcohol directly in the blood? Some laser-based designs can do these things even without blood sampling.

    And there, serving the drink directly into the bloodstream is not far off. Moreover, the synthesis will occur ... correctly, like Hogben’s daddy (again G. Kuttner). He sat down, stuck the USB plug, the artificial controlled enzymes got a drink profile and then let it into the bloodstream ...

    Yes, but why the plug? It is possible and on wi-fi ...

    It will only be sad. It seems to me that something important will go away ... but maybe something else will appear? For example, a network community based on a textual analysis of posts will determine the taste of the drink and its strength.
    You can add karma there :)

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