Tiny analog projector for Instagram

    Nostalgia for old paper photos became the main motive for Instagram design, and played a prominent role in the success of the service. Polaroid format square frames, retro-style filters and effects ... Another nostalgic memory from pre-computer times is slide projectors and filmstrip projectors. It was these good old analogue devices that inspired designer Benjamin Redford to create a miniature film slide projector for viewing digital photographs.

    Projecteo is not a “warm tube”, but a cool LED, but it is a completely analogue slide projector the size of a matchbox. He uses ordinary film as a carrier. One slide is a circle from a film on which nine photos are located. The circle is inserted into a special disk, rotating which you can change the pictures in the slideshow. Projecteo application allows you to create slides from photos uploaded to Instagram, and order their printing and delivery.

    The batteries of the toy projector last for 8 hours. The brightness of the LED is enough to get an image with a diagonal of about 75 centimeters in a more or less dark room. You can order Projecteo and one disc with slides on Kickstarter for $ 25 (plus $ 5 for shipping outside the United States). First deliveries are scheduled for February 2013.

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