Ingress. The world is not what it seems

    Meet Ingress - a new game from Google. The scene is an alternate reality. A recent Niantic project, by the way, was a viral advertisement of this action.

    You have to take one of the parties - to fight for power ("Enlightened"), or for the rebels ("Resistance").

    The application installed on the android device will lead you to the places of accumulation of “Exotic matter” (real geographical coordinates that you will need to visit).

    The team game plays an important role here - your faction needs to gain control over the energy portals and create an area that the faction can control. Well, to conquer the same zones created by enemies.

    In the end, only one team will be left to win. The battle for the territory will last from one year and a half years, after which the result will be announced.

    Niantic's John Hanke said the developers were inspired by the brainchild of JJ Abrams ( LOST Fringe) when creating the game .

    While the version for Android is available , it is expected for iOS.

    The project site is rolling out right now, in the process of writing the topic, the guys were still drafting the layout.

    I can’t check now myself what a game is for a person who is in the CIS, so I am waiting for feedback from habrayuzers living in the USA.

    UPD In the comments djvu reports that it works in Minsk. zoriko is testing Moscow (his review ).

    resetnow made a group on to discuss the game.

    Belarus -

    To take part in the game, you need to receive an invitation by leaving a request on the site and download the application.

    The mobile application will keep you informed of what is happening around you in the game, and the web version will show global events on the entire map.

    The web interface is (thanks to Axam ).


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