Glitch? Virus? Or a sign from above?

    I don’t even know which blog to post to, but I can’t share. Just started looking for an illustration for one article on the topic of private business. Naturally climbed onto the Yanedks. Pictures, drove in keywords and hoped to get the right image. Instead, the service gives me the image turned upside down.

    This picture has been observed for about an hour. And, interestingly, this happens to me only with the request "Private business", my other wishes are fulfilled humanly. There is no way to try on another computer, but apparently there will be no problems. In any case, on the same machine through Chrome no problems arise. So the problem is with Fire Fox, apparently. But then explain to me why this happens at the request of "private business"? Is this a glitch, a virus or an Easter egg? Miracles, damn it.

    Clickable: UPD The riddle is revealed, details in comments ... How could I get so caught :-)

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