“Acoustics for 10,000 euros” at home - results of KM2009, “Acoustics”

    We have already written about the King of Modding contest (a kind of Modding-Oscar) , a professional award for specialists in the field of modifying the appearance and functionality of PCs, components and peripherals, organized by www.modding.ru , www.occlub.ru , and today We continue to cover his results in the “Modification of Acoustic Systems” category. And I must say, the results are amazing! What are the handmade speakers from Alexander Slobodyan with a total weight of a few centners made “based on” a super-expensive luxury speaker system.

    Attention! A lot of photos!

    1st place. “Homemade Acoustics 2” - Alexander Slobodyan Vorklog

    This is a completely homemade acoustics! The cases are made of chipboard and MDF, plastered, sanded and covered with piano lacquer, glued with felt inside. Separation filters were assembled; plumb lines were used as the spikes on which the columns stand. The height of the fronts with spikes is 1360 mm. For the rear speakers made stands.

    2nd place. “Sound of old technology” - vortchun Vorklog Satellites were made of bowls glued into a sphere, which was puttied, mounted on racks, and painted. The amplifier was also soldered, and a plywood case painted for the color of the satellites was made for it. 3rd place. Modding Old Columns - Quyker Worklog

    The case for the column was made of 16 mm MDF, glued and additionally fixed with self-tapping screws, glued with black self-adhesive, for the upper part a plate of 1 mm steel was cut, polished and painted. The speakers and amplifier are taken from old speakers. PVC circles were also cut out to hide the speaker mounts and perform a decorative function.

    4th place. Philips SHE2550 Headphone Modding - Slavik Vorklog

    The basis was taken Philips SHE2550 headphones, which proved to be quite reliable and high-quality guide for its class in the world of music. Since the author relates himself to music lovers, headphones and a player for him are an integral element of style. And if so, then they must be unique, distinguish their owner from the crowd. Guided by these principles, the author decided to make them from beech, in shape similar to the old version of Sony Ericsson headphones, the most convenient of all for this class (the manufacturing process is reflected in the worklog). As for the sound quality, it has not deteriorated, perhaps something has improved due to the tree, but this can only be assessed subjectively.

    5th place. “SVEN SPS-606 Column Modding ” - DimmB Worklog

    The SVEN SPS-606 speakers were taken as the basis, the speaker case was decided to glue over with a black film with a wood structure, the author painted the front plastic panels with CAR-REP black paint (first primer, then paint). Lining was also cut out of orange ogrstekla. An audio output has been added on the front panel and the power indicator has been replaced with a suitable orange LED.

    6th place. Cubes - PlaSMaN Worklog

    The subwoofer for this makeshift speaker system was taken from the Microlab M820. The author decided to make satellites from 10 mm plywood. I cut the rectangles according to the drawing on the CNC. Glued with wood glue. Paste from the inside with wool. Pasted on top with leatherette. Set speakers from car speakers. Put grills made of composite and acrylic, carved by CNC. Made good wires from 0.75mm copper cable and beautiful connectors. On the subwoofer, I replaced the branch in front with a grill and soldered the satellite capacitors to more capacious ones.

    7th place. “Easy Sound” - Serg2912 Vorklog

    Once, one good friend of the author of this mod gave him bent acrylic things. He said that it was kind of like parts of some car speakers. Modder found two speakers of a suitable size, decided on the amplifier circuit - 2x2w on KA2206b. The speakers are screwed onto computer head bolts - they fit perfectly under the holes of acrylic blanks. For the bodies, two wells were taken from the system units, foam rubber was inserted inside them, and everything was covered with a lid.

    8th place. USSR-Industrial - Resperator Worklog

    Speakers pulled from an old Sony headphone. The frame is completely made of an old Soviet metal designer. Everything is fastened with nuts and bolts very tightly, so that nothing moves and does not move. The speakers are simply inserted into the corresponding niches and glued a little for reliability. Of the additional elements there are softening foam lining and painting of some parts.

    9th place. Platinum Sound ver. 2 - st2105 Vorklog The case of this speaker is cut from chipboard and glued with black faux leather, 10 white LEDs are installed. 10th place. Mini Column - weall Vorklog

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    Sponsors and Prizes

    The sponsor of the category is the Blade company , which represents on the Russian market the famous brand of professional and high-quality multimedia headphones KOSS , as well as the manufacturer of multifunctional and multi-format flash and HDD players COWON .

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    First Place: COWON S9 and KOSS PRO3AAT

    Cowon S9 Curve- A player with an outstanding design and technical equipment with an AMOLED display in 16: 9 format, a dual-core 500 MHz processor and support for BBE + audio conversion technology. The sleek ergonomic streamlined design of the case looks extremely advantageous. The ultra-fast display with an active matrix based on organic LEDs allows you to display any dynamic scenes in films without delay. Among other advantages of the player: a long operating time and support for audio formats with encoding without loss of quality, an FM radio tuner, wireless data transmission via Bluetooth, dynamic image rotation using an accelerometer based on a G-sensor.

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    KOSS PRO3AAT- High-quality headphones that provide great deep bass, optimally suitable for DJs. Titanium-coated polymer diaphragm provides the highest, natural reproduction quality. Long-crystal oxygen-free copper connecting cord improves signal transmission and fidelity. Soft leatherette ear pads provide maximum sound insulation.

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    Second place: COWON iAudio7

    iAUDIO 7 is a unique flash media player with a capacity of up to 16 GB. It is equipped with an LCD display that allows you to display graphics and video. Numerous formats supported by iAUDIO 7 include FLAC, which provides lossless audio encoding. IAudio 7 userwill be able to listen to music around the clock, forgetting about charging. Player continuous operation time - 60 hours!

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    Third place: KOSS PRO4AAT

    Perfectly closed headphones for studio work and Hi-End sound. KOSS PRO4AAT have an extremely accurate sound transmission without any distortion at the widest frequency range, as well as a robust and reliable design. The titanium-coated polymer diaphragm provides the highest, impeccably natural reproduction quality.

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    Fourth Place: KOSS PRO3AAT

    Fifth Place: KOSS The Clef

    The Clef- Unique portable in-ear headphones with a folding cord that retracts into a blister that easily attaches to a keychain instead of a keychain. A flashlight is built into the blister, which creates additional convenience when used in the dark. The Clef   is the perfect accessory for active music lovers.

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    Reports on other categories of the King of Modding 2009 contest will be published shortly.

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