Mnogabukaff for GMail

    imageIt began with the fact that some messages coming from the mailing list (yes, I know that it’s high time to switch to RSS) were displayed via the Google Mail interface as truncated. Moreover, if you look through IMAP or POP3 or the message source from the same google interface - then everything is OK - the whole message.

    The FAK says that when the letter is truncated, then at the bottom of the letter you can click on the button "View message in full", but for some reason there is no such option, at least for me. And you?

    As far as I understood from the answer above - this is done intentionally so that the message is displayed quickly. But why do I need a quick-loaded but cropped message? Would do dynamic loading. Not for me, of course, to teach them, but still ...

    I learnedthat the following restrictions apply in the Google webmail interface:
    102kb plaintext'a
    51 pages
    102369 characters
    ( upd .: 56769 characters - checked)
    30 conversations.

    Strange limits. I did not fully test them, but try to write a long letter for yourself. Stupidly cuts and does not even apologize. :)

    I believe that someone from the habrasociety had similar questions, maybe someone will explain?
    Or did I misunderstand something? After all, it somehow does not even look like Google.

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