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    The summer of 2011 for the startup community of St. Petersburg was marked by the summer-startup SumIT marathon . This project of the Club of Innovators , whose general partner was RVC, was held at the SPbSU ITMO site and interested hundreds of young technology entrepreneurs, large companies, experts and investors.

    SumIT in numbers:
    1. During the work of the SumIT site, more than 2000 people managed to visit us;
    2. More than 200 ideas were suggested for possible projects;
    3. received more than 100 applications from projects for the investment session Invest Fest;
    4. 30 useful lectures, seminars, competitions and master classes were held;
    5. We presented 3 iPad2, 2 tablets and one iPhone4 to the participants of our competitions;

    June 23 was the first post on Habré about SumIT , and now after 2.5 months we can answer the question of what SumIT is all about ...

    First of all, SumIT is a territory where any promising ideas got a chance to become a full-fledged innovative project and attract seed funding . The unique program of the marathon was built in such a way as to increase the attractiveness of the project for a potential investor through the training of each team member and their teamwork. Within five weeks at the marathon, everyone could find a priority for themselves in the implementation of an innovative solution. It was already possible to register an idea or sign up for a team on June 1 at .

    Almost the entire St. Petersburg IT community, students of leading universities in St. Petersburg, as well as the majority of those interested in developing their own startup, knew about holding a summer startup marathon. First of all, this was facilitated, no matter how trite it may sound, by social networks and word of mouth. The graph of the number of participants in our events looks something like this:

    It is worth noting that the room accommodated somewhere around 90 people, so several times we had to connect a microphone, lower the blinds and do the show “behind the glass”:


    SumIT took place in three stages, from July 16 to August 24, and served as a platform for bringing together hundreds of talented programmers, developers, managers, designers, marketers in startup teams to interact with investors. We were very flattered that some participants in the startup marathon came from remote corners of Russia (Moscow, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod region) and even from other countries. So a few people from Ukraine and Kazakhstan, realizing the opportunities that have opened, came to St. Petersburg specifically to participate in SumIT.

    It all started with the first working weekend of the marathon - SumIT Weekend, July 16-17on which the teams were finally formed. More than 20 mentors and experts held consultations and brainstorms in order to turn the idea of ​​anyone who came to a full-fledged project. The IT business gurus inspired young start-ups with a personal example. Anyone could come to this event, find a project interesting to him and join him as a programmer, designer, economist or mentor. SumIT Weekend consisted of 10 fully equipped halls for working on projects: an assembly hall, open Space - a reference point, project work areas, a crash test room and a private room, in which work was constantly in full swing.

    Over the next 38 days , Come on, marathon!For 5 weeks in comfortable conditions, the participants worked on their projects side by side with other teams. All residents were provided absolutely free of charge: coworking, air hockey, ottomans, X-box, mentors, consultations and coffee with buns.

    On the last day of the university, August 24, the start-ups, like all students, were waiting for the session, but only investment - Invest Fest Day . The participants of 16 projects were able to meet and talk face to face with investors and leading IT experts from companies such as VTB Capital, RSV Venture Partners, CMD Holding, Group, Intel, EMC, Oracle, Income, Money Money .

    The final stage of SumIT was a gala evening, where representatives of the Club of Innovators (SumIT organizers) congratulated all participants who reached the end of the finish race, and summed up the results of previously announced contests. So, Valentin Golev, became the proud owner of iPad2 for a promising and interesting idea to create an application that could capture forecasts and assumptions, and ClickGrab project author Yakov Zaitsev got the opportunity to go to the USA for an internship in Silicon Valley at the expense of St. Petersburg State University ITMO .

    A pleasant surprise for all participants of Fest Invest was the presentation by Ilya Shirokov, vice president of Group, the head of Odnoklassniki, who flew in to personally listen to the projects and talk about what an ideal startup should be. "

    List of projects that went to Invest Fest:
    1. AvtoFlirt - Alexey Avrutin
    2. IT-Portfolio - Alexander Crass
    3. SmartSport - Artyom Kuznetsov
    4. DNA genome analysis - Fedor Tsarev
    5. Real-time remote cardiorespiratory monitoring complex - Vladimir Kuznetsov
    6. ClickGrab - Yakov Zaytsev
    7. Day2meet - Romanov Egor Alekseevich
    8. I want a hotel - Pavel
    9. Annihilatr - Anton
    10. - Alexander Mustafin
    11. DisplAir - Michael Bezruk
    12. Virtual Marketing Research - Sergey Petrenko
    13. SAEX (SEYKS) - Anton Yakovlev
    14. George Robot, the world's first spoken English simulator - Ilya Zaitsev
    15. AmbiTalk - Vasily Chetvertukhin
    In the evening, in addition to these projects, several more speakers spoke at a public session:
    1. Rescue Service OnLine. Veselova Maria
    2. Shipunov. Segey Borisovich
    3. Alliance sustainability analysis. Maria
    4. BuzzLook Roxana
    5. Department of Logistics. Sergey Nevzorov
    6. Your apartment. Catherine
    7. Leo Kuandykov
    8. DrinCash. Dmitry Filatov
    9. Daystar Take Video - Download Video - Make Money On It. Ivan Kharitonov
    10. CrazyGeo. Ruslan Zakharov
    11. PHOTONATORTE.RF. Olga Visser
    12. Open store of the Russian Federation Krivoshlykov. Dmitry Vladimirovich
    13. Who's lucky. Davydov Alexander Vasilievich
    14. GoodRoads. Ivalov Egor

    All events were held at the address: St. Petersburg, Kronverksky pr. 49, St. Petersburg State University ITMO. 

    And lastly, I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the SumIT organization: Kudinov Vladislav , Kudinov Mikhail , Andrey Dodin , Vitaly Vlasov , Smirnov Ivan , Simanenkova Nastya , Tekhhi Polonskaya , Shabanov Sasha , Pospelov Alexey , Alexander Crassus and many others.

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