DIY battery in the phone

Phone manufacturers for some reason do not want to release normal self-charging gadgets. In the picture above, the Samsung E1107 . According to the manufacturer, in ideal conditions it can be fully charged from the sun in 55 hours. But in Moscow there are no such ideal conditions.

There are more efficient solar panels and lower consumption phones. For example, with a black and white small screen Alcatel ot-117 . My desire has ripened for myself to try to make a solar panel for the phone and place it on the back side, on the battery cover.

I have an old good friend Alcatel ot-117 :

Finding a solar panel at a reasonable price with normal efficiency turned out to be unrealistic in Moscow. I bought a Chinese exercise.

I bought this charge based on the characteristics. The manufacturer promised a full charge in 14-16 hours under the sun of a built-in 500 mAh battery, i.e. like in my phone. This suited me quite well, since the phone discharges in 4 days and the power of the solar panel, even taking into account not ideal conditions, should be enough so that the phone does not need to be charged from standard charging at all . And all this miracle on aliexpress costs 150 rubles. Cheaper than buying a solar panel separately in our stores. Moreover, this solar panel is quite effective.

And so the experiment

Had to cut microusb cable NOKIA:

Got microusb on the one hand, and 4 wires on the other:

The solar battery must be connected with a red wire with a red one (plus with a plus), and the second wire of the solar battery (I have blue) with a sign (-) with a black wire. Also, to go charging, you need to close the white and green wires. Wiring diagram:

Got this sample for experiments:

It turned out that the phone was charging from it, lying on my office desk in sunny weather for 2 business days, and in cloudy - for 3 business days. I work from 8 am to 5 pm. Office windows face east. I consider the experiment successful. It remains only to solder everything under the case directly to the microusb connector and place it in the lid from the battery compartment. Some additions in the form of diodes and other radio components are not required, since there is no self-discharge when connected to the microusb phone jack, and the phone is charged naturally. The charging process is displayed on the phone screen. It's amazing how easy it is.

To help I spread the microusb pinout:

Here's what the assembly looks like:

The solar panel will be mounted on a double-sided soft tape:

I ordered on ebee more powerful solar panel. I also plan to connect it through the SS14 diode (costs 5 rubles) directly to the battery contacts without soldering, just holding the contacts. Later I will lay out the connection diagram. The panel will have to wait 3 weeks. It is 2 times more effective than this and costs only 100 rubles. I decided to do this because of the constant appearance of an annoying message about connecting and disconnecting charging.

Max. power: 0.5W.
Max current: 100mA.
Max voltage: 5V.
Size: 8.6cm x 3.8cm x 0.2cm.

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