Mat Artemy Lebedev did not outrage Volgograd residents

    Today, an e-release has arrived via electronic mail: The initiative group of the Volgograd Breakthrough project is preparing a lawsuit to the Volgograd city prosecutor’s office for insulting the Russian population against the famous designer and popular blogger Artemy Lebedev, who constantly uses obscene language in his blog.
    In general, everyone in Volgograd was invited to arrive at the address indicated in the message, where, according to the organizers, the city prosecutor’s office is located. There they promised to supply them with a ready-made statement on Lebedev’s actions, which, according to the organizers, cause "irreparable harm to the psycho-emotional state of an entire generation of creative young people who consider this a standard of behavior for a successful person . "
    Well, in general, no one came to the specified address at the indicated time. Including the organizers.
    PS And the Volgograd prosecutor’s office, by the way, is located in a completely different place than indicated in the message.

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