Double pleasure

    If you are not indifferent to what your child does in his free time and you want to directly participate in his development and becoming a person, pay attention to our products, because now there are two excellent applications for teaching children words in Russian and English and musical rhythm and simple mixing , come complete in one set!

    Says Sergey Pimenov , project manager: “We refused in-app purchases in our children's applications, providing full functionality for the initial price - so your kids can immediately use 4 sets of pictures in Bookvario or mix all 8 original Baby DJ songs immediately after purchase” .

    From the moment of creation, these two children's applications, which grew out of a simple parental desire to provide the best of children, have come a long way - we already talked about our successes on Habré. But to date, as can be seen from the first screenshot, more than 36,000 applications have already been installed from the App Store from the App Store, and the total number of launches exceeds 2,000,000. For us, for our children, and all friends and like-minded people - this is an excellent result. It was also noted at Apple by adding Bukvario and Baby DJ to the Made in Russia section of the best applications of Russian developers.

    Therefore, we made a new site.for children and adults - on it you can see user reviews and find out details about each application. We have expanded the description of applications in the App Store, where the changes made to each new version are now written (Bookvario has already grown to 1.7; and Baby DJ - 1.3).

    Our applications have even turned out to be so popular that a hacked version of the application 1.3 has appeared on the torrent tracker Since we believe that you still can’t buy your child a worthwhile toy or a development program for 60 rubles, it is the huge number of downloads and launches of the hacked application that causes bewilderment.

    Parents installing a pirated product on their iPhones and iPads - think about what you teach your own children, regretting to pay 90 rubles for a really useful application that not only entertains, but also develops your child. In order to reason a bit with adults, who also have to be educated, we decided to do something elegant - we redid the server part, which gives the letter sets, connecting a new set with special messages to parents in version 1.3:

    As our applications for children develop and acquire new opportunities, their price will increase. Since 100% of the proceeds from sales goes to us to create new applications and develop existing ones - you can be sure that the sixty rubles that you spent will result in the best children's development applications on iOS.

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