will run under Silverlight

    Microsoft previously promoted Silverlight technology, mainly through the efforts of its partners , who sacrificed their own audience to promote the new standard and at the same time assured that they did not receive any kickbacks from Microsoft.

    I must say that Microsoft has already achieved some success in creating an alternative to flash. At the very least, the Silverlight plugin can now be installed in almost any alternative browser. However, a critical mass of users is not gaining in any way. And so the corporation decided to deliver a powerful blow that could fundamentally change the situation on the market.

    So, Microsoft has begun beta testing the new Microsoft Download Center sitecreated using Silverlight technology. Each user who visits the Download Center site for updates to Microsoft software will receive an offer to download the Silverlight plugin, otherwise some of the content and functionality of the site will not be available to him. is one of the most visited internet sites. Users come here to download new service packs, patches and releases of Microsoft programs. Thus, the corporation again uses the old proven method of promoting new proprietary standards through a huge database of Windows and IE users.

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