Form controls in html 5

    Honestly, at first I wanted to review how modern browsers support all sorts of new controls for forms from the html 5 specification. But it seems that the review will not work - the only browser that supports more than two controls is Opera.

    I put in a very simple page where I put a bunch of inputs with type property values ​​unknown to me and got the following result:


    To say that browsers are in no hurry for html5 to arrive is to say nothing. Meanwhile, such things could save a lot of time when developing interfaces.

    Now about where it can come in handy, given such specific distribution. It is clear that, first of all, in applications to which a limited number of people have access and their browsers are known in advance, i.e. in the admin area. But that's not all. The fact is that all these controls are created only to facilitate the entry of lines . Those. the line goes to the server anyway. And when the browser does not support one or another control, it also displays a string. Therefore, in principle, any of these controls can be used right now without waiting for support by all browsers, in particular url, email and search, and some do. For example, the first time I saw a url in the Gmail interface when I inserted a link. At the same time, users of other browsers probably don’t even realize that there is something different from input type = "text".

    PS. It is unfortunate that type = "color" is not supported even in Opera.

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