Hedgehog list opens the service of "elite" brainstorming

    The EZhE International Union of Internet Workers is entering a new stage of development. The founder of the "community of Internet professionals" Alexander Malyukov announced that he plans to launch crowdsourcing (brain storming) service on the basis of a closed club. Members of the community, which include many well-known personalities of the Runet, thousand-strong bloggers, Internet businessmen, publishers and journalists - the so-called “Runet elite” - love to discuss various Internet projects in their private mailing list. According to the rules of the community, it is forbidden to quote these discussions outside the EZHER list because they often contain very valuable and sensitive information. Information that is worth real money. Now the HERZH community will not refuse this money. The discussion in the Hedgehog is positioned to be formalized as a “brainstorming service” and offered to the market at commercial rates.

    “Each customer’s task, which will be offered to members of the EZHER community, is evaluated, depending on its complexity, in the amount from $ 5 thousand to $ 50 thousand,” says Alexander Malyukov in an interview with Kommersant. - The amount is paid by the customer with a certain premium to the service. "Hedgehogs", who wished to tackle the case proposed by the customer, offer a solution, the customer chooses the best, and the prize amount goes to the winner, while increasing his rating by the same amount. "

    According to Malyukov’s idea, many leading professionals will discuss problems not because of money, but in an effort to increase their rating in the community, since these people have provided themselves with financial support for a long time.

    “We have gathered people who have long and successfully been involved in the Internet business,” adds the creator of the EZHER community. - They are interested in solving complex problems - this is for them a warm-up of the mind. Meanwhile, there are many companies on the market that, with great benefit for themselves, could take advantage of the intellectual potential of our community and the vast cumulative experience in the Internet business of its participants. This is a kind of “club of Internet experts,” which can be given the most difficult task of brainstorming and get solutions that cannot be obtained anywhere else. ”

    In the near future will be announced the beginning of work on the first case. The project is planned to be launched in conjunction with Kommersant-Dengi magazine with maximum coverage in the press and blogs.

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