Review of e-Learning Trackers or Century Live - Century Learn!

    Increasingly, one can hear about universal monster trackers such as, or mentioning trackers of music or gaming themes. But besides them, there have long been torrent trackers of a training orientation, about which little is known to the average user. Basically, these are closed communities of educated people with invitational registration that exchange training materials, be it electronic books, instructional videos, CBT (computer based trainings), audio books, conference presentations or training software. The predominant part of the materials is related to IT technologies and therefore will be especially useful for IT specialists, from a student studying Linux, PHP or C # to a guru who is preparing to pass the CCIE. There is also material on the study of foreign languages, psychology, self-development, seduction, developing business skills. If you are thinking of passing on CCNA, MCSE, RHCE, CISSP, Network +, PMP, IELTS / TOEFL and so on - then here you can find everything you need and even more. Under the cut is a review of English-language learning resources.

    Review participants:

    1. Bitpypy

      Perhaps the best of all presented thanks to its excellent community. Most of the exclusive material that spreads over time for all of the trackers listed below appears here. What you need only to look at the list of exclusive distributions. The most delicious feature that distinguishes this tracker from the rest is the presence of the so-called procedure. GroupBuy (Group purchase), when the members of the site add up to interesting, but not online, members of the site whoever can / wants it. When the required amount is collected, a verified user is determined who buys, rips and uploads this training course on the site. In the first 30 days it is available only to users who participated in GroupBuy, then this restriction is removed. Many scene groups have been convicted of laying out exclusive material downloaded from BS under their own name. In addition to the tracker itself, there are sections of GeekTV, GeekNews - interesting videos and news added by users of the site, TechForums - here you will find stories about the process of preparation and delivery to various certificates with links to materials that were used in training, which is invaluable. I would like to note that a great many cis-ducts live on this resource, hence tons of content for certification by Cisco. On information security (my profile) there is also a lot to be found here. Proof pictures: that a great number of cisco guides live on this resource, hence tons of content for certification by Cisco. On information security (my profile) there is also a lot to be found here. Proof pictures: that a great number of cisco guides live on this resource, hence tons of content for certification by Cisco. On information security (my profile) there is also a lot to be found here. Proof pictures:

      List of distributions
      Exclusive distributions

    2. BitMe

      Some put BitMe on par with BitSpyder. Also a unique tracker from the owners of BitMeTv. A little overstated excitement is due to the poor availability of invitations. Invites are available only to PowerUsers (upload> 50 GB). Not everyone will find 50 Gig training material. GroupBuy is prohibited here by the rules. It is very difficult to keep a rating. By the quantity and quality of the presented content, you can safely put it in second place. In general, we look at the screenshots:

      Statistics Distribution

      BitSpyder and BitMe have strict rules and it is very difficult to keep the rating, especially without their distributions. Therefore, I recommend that beginners start with the lower level trackers LearnBits and Elbitz.

    3. LearnBits

      LearnBits may interest in easy accessibility, a good system of bonuses for seeding distributions (relevant for weak channels), it is easy to keep a rating, and often freelance Generally what you need for a beginner.

      Distribution List

    4. Elbitz

      Another low-level tracker for beginners. Periodically arrange open door days, which you can freely register. Some time ago it was just a dump of files, without a special description, a lot of takes, left content. Now they seem to have put things in order. The rating is very easy to keep because of the large influx of users on open days.

      List of distributions

    MyAnonaMouse.Net,, have not yet been reviewed, I do not have accounts there, so I can not describe in detail. Briefly, on the first one you can find fiction, materials on learning to play musical instruments, the second specializes in design, 3D-modeling, the third - purely business topics.

    There are invitations to LearnBits and BitSpyder. With pleasure I will invite worthy habraluyami.
    Write to which tracker is required, only who really needs it (and not so that it is), I will send it to Habrahta

    UPD:On BitSpyder there will soon be freelich (the time when the download is not taken into account in the statistics, only the upload) and a competition. When it starts and how long it will continue it will be shown by a new ad (you will notice it). So I advise you not to miss this chance. :)

    UPD2: Due to the limited number of invites to BitSpyder, requests for this tracker are accepted from people with karma> = 5.

    UPD3: The invitations to BitSpyder have ended, only requests to LearnBits are accepted.
    To those who received invites: remember that the inviter and the invitee are connected with each other by an invisible thread of responsibility to each other. :)

    Additionally, screenshots on popular trackers (we say thanks to nothing ):

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