How to “kill” 60 hard drives in an hour?

    Hard drives only at first glance seem fragile and defenseless, but on their very “stuffing” is a solid design, which is quite difficult to bring to a completely hopeless state. For example, the case is known when the drive, which was successively under the car’s wheels, in the toilet, and then thrown out of the seventh floor window, was then disassembled, dried, and the data from it could be read. Thus, even throwing out at first glance a completely failed hard drive, you cannot be completely sure that it is impossible to read information from its plates using specialized equipment.

    "Therapeutic" measures in the form of using end-to-end encryption of data on the hard drive during operation and multiple rewriting by zeros of the contents of a device that has served its purpose are not always acceptable. The latter, moreover, takes a lot of time, and may be simply impossible if the drive has stopped working normally. Powerful magnets also do not guarantee complete erasure of all information. If you do not consider a variety of exotic methods of “killing" devices, such as dissolving them in acid, or melting in a blast furnace (tea, not the Terminator though), banal mechanical destruction remains at the disposal.
    To reliably destroy hard drives on an industrial scale, EDR Solutions offers a special device - Hard Disk Crusher. The terrible name does not quite correspond to reality - in fact, drives do not collapse into separate parts, but are drilled in the spindle area. It is alleged that due to this, the surface of the disks warps, and becomes completely unsuitable for reading data from them. The performance of this “shredder for hard drives” is 60 drives per hour, the price is $ 11.5 thousand.

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