We are pleased to introduce you to the Home Alone project.

    Home Alone is an Internet filter responsible for child safety on the Internet.

    In addition to the traditional directories of “white” and “black” sites, we use a heuristic module that analyzes each page for the content of negative content in it.
    It is possible to open and close Internet access in several categories: social networks, network games, gambling, etc.,


    However, we simply do not prohibit, for example, VKontakte, as the most effective means, because the child will not consider his home computer complete in this case.
    The strength of our program lies in its ability to recognize negative content “on the fly”, i.e. a small user can go to a social network, but when you try to send him an obscene message or attract him into a destructive sect, the browser will go to the directory of recommended resources.
    Convenient statistics for parents are displayed in the personal account, showing where the child tried to go.


    A trial version of the program is available on our website www.odindoma.org . If you have a desire to test, try to circumvent the defense - forgiveness is forgiven. We will be very grateful for the bug reports.

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