Will the source code of the Skype version for Linux be open?

    Olivier Faurax, a Neotion developer and user of the Mandriva Linux distribution, posted fragments of correspondence with Skype support on his blog yesterday.
    When the latest version of Skype came out, he did not find the Mandriva RPM package and contacted support to promote the idea of ​​a separate Mandriva RPM, as it was several years ago. He was advised to install a version for the Fedora distribution, assuring that it should work.
    Next is the most interesting:
    We are pleased to inform you that Skype will now be part of the open source community.
    So Linux developers will be able to influence the development of the Skype client for Linux, which will almost certainly lead to the development of separate versions for various distributions.
    [...] the source code of the Skype version for Linux will be open in the near future.
    If all this is not a beautiful prank, then this is just wonderful. The implementation of the protocol, of course, is unlikely to be opened, but it would be interesting to see everything else.

    UPD: Thanks a_v for the link: there is confirmation on the Skype for Linux blog on the official website. It is only about opening the user interface, but third-party clients will be able to use a private library to support the protocol.

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