A tent with solar panels will charge all the gadgets in the campaign

    It’s good to have a weekend in nature on these hot days. The only problem is how to charge your laptops, tablets, smartphones and flashlights if they run out of battery in the forest. Of course, you can bring a set of batteries with an adapter . But there is another beautiful solution to the problem - a tent with solar panels on the roof.

    The American tent manufacturer Eddie Bauer, together with Goal Zero, launched the production of solar panels for the Katabatic series of tents . The panels are sewn into a waterproof fabric and attached to the roof.

    Cables go inside the tent, where you can connect any gadgets to them. The simplest Sherpa 50 panelin six hours, the sun accumulates energy of 50 Wh, which is enough to charge seven smartphones or to fully charge the battery of one laptop.

    In addition to the Sherpa 50, there are sets of panels and more expensive: for example, the Yeti 1250 hiking station at 1250 Wh. Of course, in American stores all this costs a lot of money. Maybe it’s easier for someone to buy panels in Chinese stores ten times cheaper and attach them to the tent with their own hands.

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