Twitter overtakes myspace

    The microblogging service officially took third place in the ranking of social networks, beating MySpace (see comScore statistics for August 2010.

    In August, the global Twitter audience amounted to 96 million people, which is 76% higher than last year. At the same time, MySpace audience fell 17% to 95 million.

    Twitter and MySpace are real antipodes: an ascetic microblog and multi-megabyte homepages with background music and hundreds of photos on the page.

    Twitter and MySpace are far behind the largest social network Facebook with an audience of 598 million people. Window is in second place. s Live Profile with 140 million. This service is integrated into various online services of Microsoft, the audience is growing at about 10% per year.

    The social network Google Orkut maintains a stable audience of 55 million people, mainly in India and Brazil.

    Returning to MySpace and Twitter: although they now have approximately the same audience, everyone understands the trajectories of these services. A similar situation in Runet with Livejournal and Facebook: although SUP Fabrik marketers speak with pride about the size of the audience, they will not be able to change the trajectory of the movement. Recently, SUP Fabrik's business development director stated that they would not rewrite the LJ code created over ten years ago.

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