Android 2.1 on HTC Hero - personal experience


    Recently, on the hub, and not only, it is customary to scold HTC for not fulfilling its promises regarding the timing of the release of a new firmware on HTC Hero, beloved by its owners.
    But, as you know, our happiness is in our hands.
    I can hardly surprise most of you with this post, but it can really come in handy for someone.
    On the open spaces there are a lot of custom firmware with android version 2.1 for the hero.
    But, as it is undeservedly, deprived of attention of VillainRom .

    What did I get from the firmware

    1. Ceased to be nervous due to the constant transfer of the release date from HTC.
    2. Android 2.1 on your favorite device.
    3. Access to all applications on the market.
    4. The working time of my hero increased by 2 times (I used to miss him even for a day, now I charge no more than once every 2 days.
    5. At least some confidence that the next versions of the android OS will be available for my phone.

    I have been using this firmware for more than 2 weeks, I am very pleased.

    Firmware Features

    • Good 3D performance.
    • The Gallery 3D application works great (it slows down a little when you first start it).
    • Works Apps2SD (Storage of applications on a memory card).
    • Sync works.
    • HTC keyboard with voice input and a sea of ​​advanced settings.
    • All the iron works as expected.
    • No glitches with graphics.
    • Busybox
    • Rooted.
    • VPN support.
    • Launcher 2 is running.
    • LIVE WALLPAPERS work in SENSE UI (put in a separate patch).
    • 100% Location based on honeycombs.
    • All applications in the market.

    Well, are you ready to experiment?

    What do we need

    1. Of course - a phone, preferably charged up to 100%.
    2. The firmware itself.
    3. A little time.

    For those who already have a root on the device and can flash, you can skip the rest and ask questions in the comments.


    Check the version of the current firmware.
    1. If you are the owner of the latest official firmware 2.73.411.17, then you need to roll back to the previous version 2.73.411.5.
      You can pick it up here or here .
      Download the file, run it and follow the instructions.
    2. Download the program for recovery firmware (a service program that starts when you press Home + Power with the device turned off) and the image itself .
      We turn on the device: menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Daw "Unknown sources" and -> Development -> Daw on "Debugging via USB".
      Install the program on the phone via HTC Sync.
      Copy the downloaded image of the new recovery to the root of the memory card.
      We launch FlashRec on the phone.
      We make a backup copy of the current recovery - click backup enter the path to save (for example /sdcard/recovery-backup.img).
      We flash the new recovery by clicking "Flash Custom RecoveryImage" and enter the path /sdcard/recovery.img.
      Check the operation of the new recovery (Turn off the phone and turn it on when the Home button is pressed)
    3. Now everything is ready for the firmware of the new version of OS.
      ATTENTION! When flashing, all user data and applications will be deleted! Do not forget to synchronize everything you need!
      Download the firmware image (Current version - 5.4) from the offsite ( direct link ), a patch for it ( direct link ) and a patch for the Russian language.
      Copy both archives to the memory card.
      We reboot the phone into recovery mode (Do not forget? Home + Power).
      Navigation in recovery mode is carried out with a trackball and a back button.
      We make a backup copy of our current firmware (Choose nandroid -> backup from the menu).
      We do wipe (wipe data / factory reset -> Yes - delete all user data).
      Firmware the new version (install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard ->
      Flashing the hotfix (install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard ->
      We flash the patch for the Russian language (install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard ->
      Reboot the phone (reboot system now).

    What's next?

    After you turned on the phone, completed the initial setup and returned to the place of your data (contacts, calendars, etc.):
    • We install from the market and run the program Morelocale 2.
      Select the Russian locale and reboot the phone.
      Now everything that can be in Russian will be in Russian.
    • To access paid market applications, install the MarcketAccess program.
      After starting, on the Operators tab, select one from the list (I use the first T-Mobile US).
      We launch a market - profit!
      To pay for applications, we use the google checkout account.
      Checkout did not want to work with my domain account, I had to start my own Google.

    Instead of an afterword

    If all this is really useful to you, then you can donate to the firmware author some of your savings on the offsite.
    Donations are not ignored and you will receive small bonuses (and, of course, thereby supporting the author in his endeavors and stimulating his future activities), namely:
    1. a kitchen where you can assemble your own firmware with the necessary modules;
    2. the ability to download each module separately and add to the already installed firmware;
    3. access to hidden sections of the forum, designed specifically for those who supported financially.

    Z.Y. Also in the latest version of the firmware the function - update on the fly (OTA) has been announced. Those. To upgrade the firmware, you don’t have to do a full wipe and is loaded into the recovery, everything will happen more transparently. The corresponding application can be downloaded offsite.

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