Records of reports and interviews from DevCon'12 conference published

    Great news for everyone who participated or for some reason could not take part in the DevCon'12 conference: on the conference website and TechDays resource all video recordings and presentation presentations were published.

    In the public domain you will find:
    • more than 50 reports on 8 key topics;
    • plenary reports of the 1st and 2nd days;
    • Recording a Q & A session with Scott Hanselman, Principal Project Architect for Microsoft Communities;
    • Interviews with conference speakers that took place directly at DevCon'12 during the breaks.

    Opening of DevCon'12 conference, plenary report

    Software Development and Lifecycle Management Tools
    ALM: Unit testing in Visual Studio 11
    ALM: ALM from Visual Studio 11 from plan to release
    ALM: Introduction to cloud TFS
    ALM: Improving the quality of testing with Microsoft Test Manager 11
    ALM: Post-release software support in a production environment

    Cloud computing
    AZR: HPC in Azure - A Simple Approach to Scaling Computing
    AZR: Features of the Windows Azure Media Platform Media Services
    AZR: Opening the Windows Azure Section. Windows Azure Developer Platform: demo, demo, and demo again!
    AZR: Launching corporate services in the clouds - practice for the developer
    AZR: Practical experience of service migration to Azure
    AZR: Windows Azure platform for mobile solution developers

    Customer development
    CLI: Overview of the development platform for Windows 8 - Windows Runtime
    CLI: New generation of Microsoft Surface 2.0 Principles of operation and application scenarios
    CLI: Web platform IE10 and Windows 8 for developing modern websites and applications in the Metro style on HTML5 / JS
    CLI: Development on C ++ for Windows 8, concurrency, DirectX, hybrid
    CLI scripts : UX, UI, and
    CLI user interaction : Features for developing enterprise applications for Windows 8
    CLI: Best practices for creating responsive applications for Windows 8
    CLI: Working with sensors on the Windows 8
    CLI platform : Touch screens for developers
    CLI: two advanced technology, or as a cross Kinect and HTML5

    Corporate Development
    ENT: New SQL Developer Features in SQL Server 2012
    ENT: Developing Sharepoint 2010 Solutions Using Visual Studio 11
    ENT: Using Microsoft Excel as a Client for SQL Server and SQL Azure
    ENT: SQL Server Data Tools
    ENT: Developing Ajax Applications in SharePoint
    ENT : Building a highly scalable framework based on the .NET Framework. Problems and solutions.
    ENT: Creating and Using BI Semantic Model
    ENT: Experience integrating System Center Virtual Machine Manager with Parallels Automation Platform
    ENT: Scenarios for using Windows Azure in business

    Interaction with other platforms and technologies
    IOP: Windows Azure and open source technologies: Apache Lucene full-text search, redis distributed data caching
    IOP: Windows Azure and open source solutions

    Development Technologies and Programming Languages
    TLS: Work with data in .NET: quick, easy, efficient
    TLS: Teach your children to program
    TLS: How to improve the development of enterprise business applications with eXpressApp Framework (XAF)
    TLS: Compiler as a service: using Roslyn in practical
    TLS scenarios : Extensible do-it-yourself Visual Studio
    TLS features : Solving application performance problems using Visual Studio 11
    TLS: Visual Studio 11 TLS debugger features overview
    : Creating multi-threaded Windows applications with Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013

    Web development
    WEB: SignalR and the Realtime Web
    WEB: ASP.NET for Mobile Phones and Tablets
    WEB: Many problems, many solutions: One ASP.NET
    WEB: Open question and answer session - Ask Scott Hanselman
    WEB: Many tasks, many solutions: one ASP .NET
    WEB: Asynchronous Magic in ASP.NET MVC
    WEB: New Features of ASP.NET MVC 4 - Practical Usage and Usage Scenarios
    WEB: SignalR and Real-Time
    Web Library WEB: ASP.NET for Mobile Phones and Tablets
    WEB: Improving Web Performance -solutions, client and server optimization, service and monitoring using the example of Microsoft Network (MSN)
    WEB: Development of public portals on SharePoint 2010: high workloads, full custom nation
    WEB: Q & A session with Scott Hanselman

    Mobile development
    WPH: We increase the productivity of Windows Phone 7 applications
    WPH: Dancing in Yandex.Map development: adaptation to WP7 Tango
    WPH: Promotion and monetization of applications for Windows Phone
    WPH: Secrets of the fast development of attractive applications for Windows Phone 7
    WPH: Together with Nokia - to success

    With Alexander Lozhechkin
    With Dmitry Andreev
    With Andrey Korshikov
    With Mikhail Chernomordikov
    With Stas Pavlov
    With Sergey Zvezdin
    With Romuald Zdebsky

    As a bonus, I offer a web cast recorded by the speaker of the same class after DevCon'12:
    Windows Azure for Dev-pro and IT pro: integration with Active Directory. Part 1
    Windows Azure for Dev-pro and IT-Pro: Active Directory Integration. Part 1

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