The release of the forum engine of the new generation Vanilla 2.0

    The long-awaited release of the second version of the forum engine vanilla has been released . The developer blog has news about the release .

    What is Vanilla?

    Vanilla forums is a minimalistic forum engine. The goal of the project is to create a simple tool for online conferences with a simple ability to increase functionality. No, this is not the second phpbb, it is really a very simplified forum.

    However, unlike hundreds of other similar projects, this one is simple for the user, inside it is crammed with modern technologies, and therefore AJAX is used to its fullest, and the main task of the developers is to make the forum as simple as possible for novice users, and it seems they succeeded . Functions such as autosaving messages to drafts, sending messages without reloading the page, loading new messages, and so on, work easily and without a hassle out of the box.

    Despite its apparent simplicity, this out-of-the-box engine provides almost everything most users need, such as: differentiating rights, subforums and categories, html / bbcode / markdown.

    What's new?

    Those who used the first version of this engine remember that it was completely unsightly, and in order to make it a “sweetie”, one would have to work very hard. With the second version, this is already in the past. Out of the box, Vanilla has a simple but neat design that can be used. Moreover, on the official website in the additions section there are a number of topics prepared by professional designers. So, the first thing that those who tried the first version will notice is that the system has become more attractive, and you can even use it “out of the box”.

    The engine was rewritten from scratch, now it is based on the self-written Garden framework. And I must say that this Garden is written not anyhow, but in the best traditions of MVC without unnecessarily complicating or duplicating the code, so expanding the functionality by writing plugins or applications is a pleasure.

    As you can understand, all the power of this engine in the future will be in plugins. And although at the moment there are not very many written (about 50), there is already plenty to choose from.

    The authors of the engine build their business model on providing support and commercial hosting of forums. Therefore, there are two different sites: - for those who find it difficult to install and configure the forum, and for those who are themselves technical specialists. It is on the last site that you can find all the add-ons, links to the github repository, and a community forum that runs on a noticeably modified Vanilla 2 engine.

    Release official message:
    Details about the engine’s functionality: vanillaforums. org / features
    Community forum: Create a
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    Download Vanilla:

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