iPhone OS 4

    Wait! On April 8, at 21:00 Moscow time, another presentation from Apple was held, at which Steve Jobs introduced a new version of the iPhone operating system - iPhone OS 4 .

    What innovations

    So, while the exact release date of the system is not known - it is expected in the summer. But now an SDK is available, in which more than 1,500 new features have been added, some of them: access to the calendar, photo gallery, support for Bluetooth keyboards, creation of play lists.

    iPhone OS 4 is multitasking! In order to switch between applications, just double-click on the Home button and you will see all running applications.


    According to Steve, the problem of introducing multitasking was to reduce the operating time of the gadget, but Apple engineers were able to find a compromise.

    iPhone learned to talk! Now it is possible to receive “voice” messages from the navigator being from will be minimized and we have launched some other application.

    Task completioncompleting the assignment. You started uploading photos to Flickr? You can safely send the application to the background, it will cope with the task on its own.

    Folders - now you can group applications. This allows you to store 2160 applications on your iPhone instead of 180. In order to combine applications into one group, just drag the icon onto another application.

    iBooks - along with the new firmware, users will have the opportunity to buy and read books in iBooks.

    Game Center is a kind of social network. Keeps track of personal achievements, statistics and much more.

    Single mailbox . Added the ability to sort letters by tree. It is worth noting that the mail client has not been updated since 2007.

    iAd- mobile advertising. This is not a traditional advertisement that we are used to seeing all the time. According to Steve Jobs, Apple strongly wants to raise the level of advertising by combining emotional returns and interactivity. The most interesting thing is that the user will view ads without leaving the application used. Apple intends to take 40% of the profit from advertising, and 60% to give to the developer. Example:

    That's all that was shown at the presentation. Owners of the iPad will have to wait until the fall to get a new version of the system.

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