Twitter creative use

    The young man was supposed to be a witness at the wedding of his best friend, but he had to promise NO jokes before the wedding. But the young ones left for their honeymoon and the poet’s soul couldn’t bear it ... Actually, everything can be read in English in the original twitter, starting from the very first messages, and I will briefly outline the story in Russian under the cut.

    The guy made a device similar to this - and put it under the newlyweds bed.
    Now every time they find themselves on the bed (weight is more than a certain), a message is sent to Twitter, the same thing happens when they leave the bed.
    The weight, duration and intensity of exposure are also sent. Plus, the author adds his comments.

    Here is an example post:

    They’re on the job! #4 - Action commenced at 19.14GMT. Weight: 151KG.
    They’re off the job! #4 – Action concluded at 19.29GMT. Duration: 15 m.55 s. Frenzy Index: 6 (Snow Patrol). Judge’s Comment: "Cld do better".

    What are some interesting ways you can use twitter?

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