Sociological meat

    We live in the information world - a world where we are constantly surrounded by means of collecting, accumulating and analyzing all kinds of information. We are no longer afraid that the gaze of surveillance cameras is constantly fixed on us, network traffic is logged, purchases with bank cards are analyzed, etc ... The ubiquitous questionnaires and opinion polls do not surprise anyone. But while these systems are passive, while they are not trying to brazenly get into our lives - many do not pay attention to them.

    But, “It seems to me they counted me” ©

    Recently topics were running on Habré ( 1 2) about Google App Engine. Only as it turned out later, one of the goals of topic # 1 was to conduct load testing of an application running on GAE. The results of such testing we saw in the second topic. Here we came across unobtrusive social engineering and as a result received very useful information (for those who are interested in the topic) for which thanks to the authors of the articles: BarsMonster and TolTol . The author of the first topic received massive traffic to his application due to the fact that the topic is interesting to the Habrasociety and the page had a lot of impressions (especially taking into account the main page).

    Today, we are faced with another manifestation of social engineering. Habrauser BananaFishposted an interesting puzzle on public display, voicing the existence of a solution. Then he played on the weaknesses of the average Habrauser before the temptation to be the first, solve the unsolvable and surprise everyone with his thoughts. The effect was dostingut - for a day all the bright forces of the mind, instead of fighting the evil of everyday work, were thrown at solving an unsolvable problem. And despite the informal justifications of many participants in the fact that the task most likely has no solution, they still beat their heads against the wall, cut paper and blew their brains with geometric primitives. After a day of bullying the public, the creator of the topic renamed it the Topic of Eviland again we can see on the pages of Habrahabr of the Black Lord. It is worth paying tribute to the two Habravchanins ( Starrow and Yan169 ), who successfully found a solution, finding a loophole in vaguely worded conditions.

    It was not Epic fail of one random habrayuzer, it was clearly a planned hooligan trick, and it came out at 100%. And why is it possible to plan this? Yes, because we are becoming predictable and the notorious Habraeffect more and more reminds me of the usual herd instinct.

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