Realtime xRTML - new html-like markup language

    Realtime xRTML

    We are talking about a new HTML-like markup language - xRTML , which allows you to edit site functions in real time without using Ajax.

    The developers of xRTML are part of the Portuguese IBT team (Internet Business Technologies), who, in an effort to create a new and accessible markup language that allows you to quickly make changes to the site in real time, came up with xRTML.

    The main key features of xRTML are its ease of learning, the need for only one line of code, plugins for blog systems such as WordPress, APIs for server languages, cross-browser access and cross-platform

    - xRTML command

    XRTML Key Features

    • Easy to learn
    • One line of code
    • Hybrid open source
    • Plugins for WordPress and Blogger
    • APIs for server languages ​​such as ASP.NET, PHP, JSP
    • Cross browser and cross platform

    How xRTML Works

    xRTML works with the current site as if on top of it. This is an agnostic server that starts working on the site after the web pages have loaded from the web server. All this happens on Realtime servers, so Realtime is independent of the current IT structure.

    The diagrams will help you understand how xRTML works:

    1. Message relaying

    2. Register triggers

    A trigger is a special kind of stored procedure that runs automatically when an event occurs on the database server. Triggers of the data processing language are executed according to events caused by the user’s attempt to change the data using the data processing language.

    3. Communication tag

    It is worth noting that xRTML has its own libraries ready for use. They are provided free of charge and are available after registration.

    The xRTML language is eXtensible, which is what x says in xRTML, which allows you to add new features to existing tags and even create your own !

    Here you can see a demonstration of the work of xRTML, though I didn’t wait until the "green arrow" lights up - either the server is loaded, or something.

    Realtime framework

    The Realtime Framework is a set of tools created by developers for developers. The purpose of which is to provide tools for developers to start using xRTML on their sites in real time today.

    In custody

    Sorry to write a topic so briefly in fragments - at night I wrote. In the next article, I’ll talk more about installing xRTML.

    Project page
    Registration on the site

    It would be interesting to hear the opinion of those who already work with xRTML.

    Thanks for attention! See you again.

    PS This is for the most part a free translation. I wanted to convey the news to the reader, and the description somehow asked for itself.

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