Rambler untied ICQ numbers?

    Today I decided to carry out a proactive change of passwords for the services I use more or less often. When the queue reached the ASEC numbers, out of habit, I changed the passwords for access to mailboxes on Rambler and continued to carry out this procedure on other resources.
    I enter a new password to connect to the ICQ server in the client - the password is incorrect, the old password is suitable.
    Logged in to mailboxes on Rambler, for some reason both numbers turned out to be untied from the account. The most interesting thing is that in November both UINs were bound and I managed to change the password in this way.
    It turns out that if in theory the password was removed, then it could not be restored due to the lack of primary e-mail (and then password recovery to https://www.icq.com/password/does not work for resources tied to various resources such as Rambler). Of course, in the case of theft, you can register a new number, but this will be fraught with a number of inconveniences (transfer of the contact list for example).
    Now I’m thinking of completely abandoning such bindings and registering my email addresses for password recovery.
    Has anyone come across this?
    UPD: I contacted Rambler customer support for comments.
    UPD2: Rambler technical support wrote that currently recovering ICQ passwords through an account on Rambler does not work.

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