Adobe released Lightroom 3 beta

    For true fans of photography, sometimes taking hundreds of photos a day, as well as for true professionals, almost the only work tool for 80% of the total is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. There are a lot of complaints about the tool in terms of working with complexion and some other purely subjective characteristics, but one can’t take one away from the converter - it’s very convenient, and its user community is measured by millions of people around the world, partly due to the fact that presets for developing frames can be freely stored and exchange, making a backup for the future for yourself or simply sharing experience with others.


    Second-generation Lightroom is much better, and when approaching the top five in the second-order index, it became clear that the office was working hard on a new generation of software, with the number 3 in the title. The fact is that even in the second generation it was possible to get rid of many problems of the first generation, the developer was unable to get away from all of them, and the problems that many professionals choose programs of other developers remained. Today, the company announced the official release of a trial version of the third generation program. A lot of changes are promised, which we will talk about below.

    If you hear about the program for the first time, and shoot in RAW, you lose a lot - it makes sense at least to try, and now one of the good chances, you can use the stable version 2.5 for a month or download the beta version of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, after which it becomes clear whether it suits you or not. There are a lot of differences from CaptureOne in the program.

    According to the developer, the program was redesigned from the kernel to speed up performance - more than a year has passed since the release of the second version, and the architecture of top computers has changed since then, and the resolution of devices has become higher, megapixels still rule the world. And therefore, not taking into account these parameters, sooner or later, you can become obsolete and become a brake.

    Redone the following:

    • redesigned interface for importing photos into a catalog, became more intuitive
    • Integration with online services has been improved (a hint at Flickr, which now allows almost direct download directly from the Lightroom window without plugins)
    • improved clarity and noise reduction algorithms (in the beta version, light noise cannot be pressed)
    • Now you can simulate film grain
    • added functionality to the panel for creating vignettes
    • improved algorithm for working with graphic files
    • Now you can add music to the slideshow and the ability to create video presentations in HD format with the H.264 codec
    • redesigned print panel interface
    • there was a customizable ability to create watermarks on images

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