Apple explained why the new iPhone 5 does not have wireless charging and NFC

    Apple Vice President Phil Schiller gave brief comments to AllThingsD reviewers who asked why Apple doesn’t use a number of technologies that its competitors have already introduced in its devices - in particular, it was about wireless charging (one of the “killer features”). »Lumia 920) and NFC technology used in the flagship Samsung Galaxy SIII.

    Schiller explained the position of his company as follows: the use of wireless charging still presupposes the presence of an additional accessory (something like a rug on which you will need to put the gadget), which should still be connected to the electric network - so the only convenience here is that you don’t need to look for a wire and insert it into the device (for example, in the dark); In addition, most modern gadgets can charge via USB - so the versatility of wireless charging is also a big question. Thus, the idea of ​​using some kind of intermediate layer to charge the iPhone is quite controversial.

    NFC is not needed because the PassBook application, designed to store and manage electronic copies of documents, all kinds of tickets, credit cards and more, can quite successfully cope with its tasks. Passbook, with its geolocation capabilities, can immediately after visiting Starbucks or the metro, write off the necessary amount of money for coffee or travel from the user's account - in other words, do the same thing that Galaxy SIII does, which must be brought to the NFC reader.

    Also, Phil Schiller confirmed the journalists' right guess that the new 8-pin Lightning connector was used on the iPhone with the practical purpose of making the device even thinner, which was difficult to do in the case of the old 30-pin one (the adapter from the old connector to the new one costs $ 29).

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