Announcement of VMware View 4.5

    Recently, director of VWware (product marketing) Ray Mallempati, Raj Mallempati, announced the launch of VMware View 4.5. I looked at the entire text of the announcement and here is what interests me the most:

    1. “View Client with Local Mode - The industry's first integrated offline and server hosted solution for desktop virtualization. End-user can check their virtual desktop out of the datacenter and work without a connection to the network efficiently and securely. Furthermore, the checked out virtual desktop will run on all existing and new PCs unlike other solutions. Additionally the checked out virtual machine is fully encrypted and has policies associated with it. This will enable organizations rapidly deploy desktop virtualization for BYOPC or EOIT (Employee Owned IT) use cases. ”

    Finally, we waited for the fact that you can download a copy of the virtual workstation from the virtualization server to your laptop, go on a business trip and work quietly even without connecting to the enterprise network. And when you return, synchronize the changes. This allows you to completely abandon physical desktops in favor of VDI solutions, even for mobile employees.

    2. Full Windows 7 support - Now with the full support for Windows 7, in View 4.5 and ThinApp 4.6, organizations can migrate to Windows 7 at half the cost and time. To further help our customers with their Windows 7 migration journey, a key new feature we are introducing in ThinApp 4.6 is the ability to virtualize IE6 and run it in Windows 7. Migrating your IE6 based applications cannot be any easier.

    Well, everything is clear without additional words. Currently, Windows 7 is becoming the corporate standard for most customers. Therefore, official support for this OS in VDI from VMware is great news.

    3. Role Based Administration - allows the distribution of IT tasks to the right administrator.

    Delegating roles is, of course, good. Let's see how this is done. So far in this regard, VMware View is far from, for example, Quest vWorkspace, where you can delegate authority over a very wide range.

    In general, we wait =)

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