PFR - Pension Fund of Russia
    NPF - Non-state Pension Fund

    When receiving a plastic card at a bank today, I first came across the concept of NPF.
    The Bank, as a partner of one of the NPFs, offered its services.

    For those who are not familiar, in short : a private pension fund offers, instead of the Russian Pension Fund (selected by default), to manage the funded part of your retirement pension.

    What are the benefits of this?

    1. Profitability . The interest rate at NPFs is higher, and much more. Personally, during the story about the aspects, they showed me an approximate amount with my current earnings. She surprised me.
    2. Operational information on the status of the account . NPF will annually notify you of the status of your account. In addition, it is possible to receive operational information on the results of investment. Some NPFs have online rooms or their analogues.

    As far as I know, these are the common advantages of all NPFs, which, if you rely on Wikipedia information , are about 270 in Russia.

    Regarding reliability : it is provided by the state itself, by monitoring the activities of NPFs. Further. An agreement is concluded between the fund and the person, which guarantees the fulfillment by the Fund of its obligations. In addition, according to the Federal Law “On Non-State Pension Funds”, clients' pension funds are in a separate account and cannot be used to pay off the fund’s debts.

    It seems to me that the question is quite serious and interesting, so I would like to stimulate its discussion. Perhaps there are people here who use the services of NPFs and will be able to tell some details, perhaps highlight some serious disadvantages.


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