Intel and Gigabyte. 10 inch meeting

    So, on March 25, 2010 in Moscow, there were presentations of new motherboards from Gigabyte and processors from Intel in the 10-inch go-kart club.

    In general, at first we listened carefully about the new products, and then ruthlessly chased on the cards.
    Who is interested in this and that? Wellcome to that cat.

    I will tell you fully our path, as he was a little complicated.
    Having met Boomburum at the metro, we went to the club on the map, got lost, connected to GPS, he gave us information on how to go by car. All this was a very long time and we decided to go by rail to this club.
    (as it turned out later, it was easier to get to the station Savyolovskaya and walk there for 15 minutes on a flat road through Sunrise)

    We reached the go-kart club:

    While walking to the audience, where everyone gathered, they saw beautiful cars:

    And motorbikes. It’s a pity that we couldn’t ride them.

    In general, because of all these misadventures, we were late and missed almost half of the Gigabyte presentation (forgive me for that).

    To our delight, we were registered and issued gift bags with these contents:


    As I understand it, the first part of the presentation talked about the introduction of USB 3.0 technology on Gigabyte P55a series boards. And about USB 3x Power boost, a technology that improves port reliability and port energy efficiency. And also about Sata 3.0, the greatest effect of the introduction of which will be on the example of RAID 0 arrays. Also, we talked about the 24-phase VRM-module of a distributed power system to ensure high-quality power supply to the CPU for any type of load.

    Well, I’ll also say about Ultra Durable 3 technology - the thickness of the power and ground layers of printed circuit boards is 70 microns.

    But the main thing in the presentation was the cooling of the Hybrid Silent-Pipe 2 motherboards - this is a combined air and water cooling system with an additional radiator, which contributes to heat dissipation outside the system unit case.

    In general, we managed to do just that

    And see the Gigabyte awards in comparison with other "unrecognizable" companies.

    And here the presentation is over.

    And this is how the new motherboard looks near:

    After that, without a break, the presentation of Intel began.

    Which was led by Nikonov Vladislav:

    It all started with new processors i3, i5, i7. By the way, 3,5,7 is not the number of cores. These are just model numbers.

    Next, we were told about the features of the new architecture. Everything is visible in the sketchy pictures.

    And about the compatibility of motherboards and processors with integrated graphics. In general, it’s better to have a video card anyway.

    And here are the differences between 3.5.7. All have Nehalem architecture, 4 streams. Well, the differences are in the photo.

    During this slide, we were told a story about soldiers who work so quickly, and with the advent of the ensign and the Russian word, they begin to work even faster.

    Necessary parameters for Turbo Boost to work.

    And here is how the performance management scheme looks

    . In more detail about the 6-core Intel Core i7.

    How it looks from the inside (a little over a billion transistors)

    . Comparison with a competitor-AMD.

    A humorous comparison, which is not always 3 better than 2.

    A bit about peak temperature. Now the computer will not turn off until 105 degrees Celsius. This does not mean that you need to bring the processor to this state, but if the temperature is about 60, then you do not need to sound an alarm.

    By the way, in secret, in June Intel will release Core i7 875k and 665k - the first processors with an unlocked multiplier for the LGA 1156 socket.

    Turning to temperatures, finally we were told and shown new Intel coolers:

    And after all these new products, we all Let's go karting.

    The first race began:

    Here is a reward waiting for the winners:

    While waiting for our arrival, Boomburum and I took pictures with cups (I am on the right):

    Grand Prix

    And here they are, the real winners of the tournament:

    And by the way, so that no one would think, there were girls among us!

    Company of the evening:


    DeDal , Boomburum , slamms
    In conclusion, I want to say only one thing: I hope that Gigabyte and Intel will continue to hold such interesting, informative and entertaining meetings! And even better.

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