Idea: “Tag cloud” with arbitrary choice (“cloud 2.0” :)

    On sites with a "tag cloud" you can select only one tag ("cloud 1.0" :), but you want to exclude several, and some.

    Proposed implementation:
    If, when the mouse cursor moves over the “startups” tag in a regular cloud, its background changes color, then in the proposed idea, the tag is half green, half red. When clicked in the green part, the tag is added to the search query, in the red part it is excluded during further search. Tags already used in the search are shaded with a green background, excluded tags with a red background. The right picture corresponds to the query "+ humor-spam" ("startups" is under the mouse).

    The idea is dedicated to:
    developers of CMS engines, stores, search engines, blogs, forums ... further everywhere.

    PS:The cloud is partially scabbed. Remarks about the color, the division in the middle of the “t,” as well as the left-right, are not significant at the current stage.

    ZYY: Initially, I wanted to publish a year ago, but there wasn’t enough karma ...
    Posted on 11/18/2008 here

    ZYYY: And here are examples of implementations (many ideas come to many almost at the same time):

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