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    With the advent of Twitter, the amount of interesting material falling into my field of vision increased. I pay special attention to what is associated with self-development, as well as work for students. And the other day I came across this article . It is called "Three main things that a student must master before getting a job in an IT company." The topic is close to me, since I myself am a student and self-development, as I said, I'm very interested. I will not give the whole article, I will give only the main thoughts:

    • Carry out an analysis of the employment market, find out what is most in demand at the moment. And do not forget to gain new knowledge and learn from where it is possible - this will allow you to focus on really significant things.
    • Be online, both for training and for finding new contacts in the area you are interested in.
    • Make the most of a resource like Student Portal .

    The article, in my opinion, is of course interesting, but more than interesting topic was not disclosed there. Therefore, I would like to write about my view on this aspect of student learning - preparation for applying for a job as a programmer, as well as improving skills after.
    But first, a slight digression.

    Today, I have been working as a programmer for 3 years and since September 1 I have become a fifth year student. I study at the faculty of computer science of one of the best universities in our city, and I always thought that people who are interested in developing are gathered at our faculty. But as practice shows, many study only within the framework of the course that they are given in the curriculum. And for a long time I thought that this is because my fellow students are so static people. But communicating with them on this topic, I realized that people simply are not aware of what is today. Both in terms of technology, and in terms of any means of obtaining new information, such as RSS readers or twitter. Therefore, I was motivated to write this article by the urge to help those students who want to develop further, but do not know where to start.

    0. Set a clear goal.

    To come to something, you need to know where to actually go. Therefore, you need to set clear goals for yourself. For example, get a job in a particular company. This will allow you to narrow the scope of the studied technologies, as well as start contacts with representatives of this company in order to understand the direction of further movement.

    1. Start reading.

    No matter how trite it sounds, but first you need to start reading. Read a lot and quickly. Make it a habit and make it interesting to yourself. I look through up to 40 different articles per day. I read some completely, some I simply leaf through, some I put aside for later, but I still read some time later. Besides the fact that reading provides new information, reading replenishes our vocabulary and helps us in the future when we write and speak.

    2. Start writing.

    For example, you can start with a paper diary. Or from an account in a live journal. What to write? Write your thoughts, ideas, condition, just statuses.
    Why is this necessary. When we write, we formulate a thought. Thus, while writing any notes, we learn to think correctly, competently, concisely and completely. Agree, this is a very important skill. Be sure to reread your notes, let them read to other people. After all, what seems right and logical to you may seem absurd to other people.

    3. Start talking.

    In principle, this is a logical continuation of the previous paragraph. First, just say what you wrote. Then try to tell it, imagining that you are telling it to the public. Make presentations at the institute, read abstracts by ear. Reading from memory is very important. Moreover, it is advisable to keep in mind not a memorized text, but key points, on the basis of which you can develop your thought further. And we also learned to think in the previous paragraph. As a hint, you can write out on a small piece of paper, or even on your hand, keyword hints.

    4. Go online.

    Probably it will be the most voluminous item.
    First, get yourself a normal mail that contains your initials or full name. In the future, you will be sure to send your resume to the employer's company or conduct correspondence on the network. So, when I receive a letter with a sender of the form, the first desire is to send this letter to spam.
    Secondly, subscribe to well-known blogs in the area that you are just interested in, in particular the same Habrahabr. To simplify, get yourself an rss-reader, save a lot of time, since all interesting articles will be read in one place. and two tips:

    1. do not get too many subscriptions - you will be lost in the mass of messages
    2. I recommend google reader, as this is a web application, and I really like the ability to fumble my own and read other people's shared posts, and it looks nice.

    Also, I strongly advise you to create an account on Twitter. For me, twitter is one of the main sources of getting new information, as every day it discusses all possible technologies and finds solutions to a great many problems.

    5. Try and do.

    Be sure to try the technology that interests you. If you just read an example, there will be zero benefit from it, because nothing will be deposited in your head. First, just copy it. Then try to change something, see what happens. Personally, this process often delays me, and such “games” with technology allow me to study it better.

    6. Learn to plan.

    Having a class schedule on your hands, think about when it is more convenient for you to do one or another lesson, read another article, write a new piece of code, and more. It is important not to forget about the rest. Write all kinds of plans and schemes. The written is not forgotten. And it is important to keep all these records in sight, regularly review and keep up to date.

    These 7 tips at one time could help me a lot. Hope they help someone now.
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