Brainwashing iOS - iOS Development Workshop by Any Void and ZeptoLab

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    On July 7 and 8, employees of Any Void and ZeptoLab will hold a master class on iOS development .

    A two-day intensive course will quickly raise the level and quality of iOS development using Cocoa Touch and Objective-C. Participants will get acquainted with well-proven practical solutions to problems and will be able to use them in their next applications, making them more advanced and easier to maintain.

    A detailed course program is available on the website:

    The course is designed for practicing iOS developers and leaders in the development of mobile applications. The course will have four instructors- Any Void and ZeptoLab employees and a total of eighteen students .

    There are not many places left, hurry to sign up for the course and become even cooler!

    Have a question? We along with the course team will be happy to answer them in the comments or by mail: .

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