Stability, fixes for Unix and more: getting closer to 10.60 Final

Original author: Opera Desktop Team
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We got a few more fixes for testing over the weekend. This assembly has a huge bunch of fixes for Unix alone, but you'll notice that there are cross-platform fixes too. Including fixes for stand-alone applications, geolocation, widgets and more.

Although there is still a lot of work, we began to approach the final release of Opera 10.60 for all platforms, including Linux and FreeBSD. So wait for new corrections, and, of course, we will monitor new regressions and serious problems.

Let us know about the crashes of the program and let us know if you find any new serious errors.

Warning: This is an unstable version. It is intended for testing and may contain bugs and deficiencies.


List of changes


  • DSK-295905 (Departure on exit after using the context menu of downloads)
  • DSK-299461 (HTML5 video and GIF animation stop playing when the context menu is open)
  • DSK-302188 (Unable to enter text in the input field in the user interface)
  • DSK-302736 (Text does not fit in the browser identification menu in Polish localization)
  • DSK-303692 (Opera crashes on QuAVlive Webm Adaptive HTTP Streaming Demo)
  • DSK-302550 (Departure when trying to turn on voice control)
  • DSK-303370 (Messenger Unite Application not loading)


  • CORE-30940 (Fast history navigation stops working when the document cache reaches half the size at which it should actually stop working)
  • CORE-30855 (Departure when closing a tab with a gesture in place of Flash)

Standalone (offline) applications

  • CORE-30706 (The cache list does not contain unvisited domains after shutdown / reboot)
  • DSK-301850 (The size of the offline application cache is reported incorrectly)
  • DSK-303543 (Standalone application cache not available for panels)
  • DSK-302435 (Standalone application cache not available for Dragonfly window)
  • DSK-303518 (Standalone application cache must be stored in a temporary directory)


  • DSK-302104 (Added a mechanism to clear geolocation settings)
  • DSK-302093 (Two geolocation settings)
  • DSK-279111 (The checkbox in the Geolocation Agreement does not respond)
  • DSK-303222 (The message “Do you want to tell your location?” Is displayed even if “Remember selection” was selected before)


  • DSK-272162 (Widgets do not show tooltips)
  • DSK-303365 (The name of the context menu is incorrect (it should be “View”, not “Position”))
  • DSK-302352 (Updated widget menu structure)
  • DSK-303361 (Wrong order in the context menu of widgets with an image and widgets with a link)


  • CORE-29961 (HTML5 video does not work without DirectSound driver)


  • DSK-303360 (General plugin crash)
  • DSK-303667 (Unable to open local folders with non-Latin names)
  • DSK-303673 (Crash when trying to auto-update to remove the downloaded distribution twice)
  • DSK-301748 (Problems with dragging and dropping text)

Linux / FreeBSD

  • DSK-302655 (The file share / opera / defaults / pluginpath.ini should contain $ HOME / .local / lib / opera / plugins)
  • DSK-303401 (Crash on exit after hovering over a menu in Gnome)
  • DSK-300240 (A directory is not created when saving HTML with images)
  • DSK-303071 (Added plugin-ignore.ini containing
  • DSK-303096 (Changing the file extension when changing the filter by extension)
  • DSK-300081 (Opera does not start if you use 'C' localization)
  • DSK-303390 (No additional country information when using -debugfont)
  • DSK-300113 (Thumbnail animations suspend the X system until they end when using Compiz)
  • DSK-302216 (The highlight color of the text does not change when changing the theme)
  • DSK-302557 (The express panel settings dialog should not be displayed when the program window is minimized)
  • DSK-293111 (Pointing to the first item of a drop-down menu does not highlight it for the first time)
  • DSK-302078 (Incorrect display of the cursor on the Opera icon in the tray)
  • DSK-270804 (It is difficult to accept or decline the terms of the license agreement on small netbook screens)
  • DSK-297393 (Tab switch too high for extended menu)
  • DSK-303359 (Switching the font does not work in the compact menu)
  • DSK-302744 (Window incorrectly restores size after maximization and full-screen mode)
  • DSK-303221 (No access to modal windows after they were hidden)
  • DSK-303336 (The Restore button on the menu toggles the page between normal and maximized states)
  • DSK-302038 (Extended information --full-version)
  • DSK-303368 (The menu disappears after expand -> full screen -> expand)
  • DSK-303530 (Choosing a different language does not change the language of the user interface)
  • DSK-303544 (Preventing Unnecessary Resizing in X11Widget)
  • DSK-303551 (Optimized functions in the libvega library for 64-bit processors)
Note translator: The second such translation of the day. But this build is really worth writing about! And then, the list of changes this time is much more interesting, for example, “It is difficult to accept or decline the terms of the license agreement on small netbook screens.” Pay attention to the download links.

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