Farewell to Habr

    Well, what, indeed, is "time to throw stones, and time to collect stones." Time to work in a social network resource, and time to leave it. Habr’s turn came. For me, in any case, it certainly has come ...

    It just so happened that my first article , published here almost two years ago, and the last, to a greater or lesser extent, dealt with the same phenomenon - the childhood illness of Bolshevism in the Networks, when " always and in everything the right "aggressive minority begins to dictate its opinion to the silent majority.

    Between these two notes, I published my thoughts on Habr. They noted the fact of a constant change of “local” elites - leaders of public opinion in the resource, which, as it seemed to me then, could lead to a gradual deterioration in the quality, let’s say, of the resource itself.

    Alas, my worst assumptions came true. Once again I had to make sure that any resource where questions of correct communication were left to chance, becomes a victim of the Web Bolsheviks, who begin to rule the ball here. Regardless of the declared intentions of the owners and administration, for whom the pursuit of the shaft - the number of users is considered as the highest priority. The madness of the crowd gradually begins to conquer the wisdom of the collective mind, and anyone who tries to somehow fight this inevitably begins to remind others of a kind of Don Quixote 2.0.

    My final decision to leave Habr was influenced not only and not so much by the intolerance that intensified here towards other people's opinions. I'm not used to being shameless on the social Internet. Most of all, I was distressed by the fact that already in Habré the aggressive minority had suppressed the silent majority. And that is so, the numbers testify (I undertake to justify them to anyone).

    Of the more than 40 readers who agreed with my opinion expressed in the last article , and being here in the majority (!!!), only “one and a half” of them dared to say so directly. On the price of virtual "friendship" is better I generally keep silent.

    But the dissenting minority, just ledthe ascended habra star , not only “spoke out” from the heart, but also actively “promoted” everything that only came into their hands: me, my note, all my comments without exception (including the most harmless ones), Even the collective blog wasn’t lucky in which this note had the recklessness to appear. It went to those who at least somehow decided to support me. One of these comments by my supporter even got a black mark. I had to make an attempt to somehow remove this label. And this happened in less than a day, during which the note was open to the public.

    Such "unanimity" on Habré was not observed earlier. I testify to this as an old-timer of this resource. Moreover, passion initially flared up around a common, in general, topic. By the way, that all of his starting capital :) a new habra leader scored in a “fight” with me around my two notes on the fate of startups in the era of crisis . And this capital was enough for him to immediately rise in the ranking somewhere from 3000 to 300 places (when this note was being prepared, he already made his way into the top twenty - “oh, times, oh, morals!”). Time is running fast today. Therefore, the modern Ilya of Muromets turned out to be such a self, which lay on the habr-furnace instead of 33 for only one year, and then ... "and only battle ...".

    To paraphrase the well-known axiom, I will say that the users of each social resource have the leaders they deserve. I’m leaving Habr, because these are not my leaders, not my colleagues, and not even my opponents. Such “shovel-hunters” , “scavengers” and “mujahideen” (my readers gave them other no less interesting names) represent an alien culture and environment in which I simply have nothing to do!

    We will go the other way. No, there will be no revolution, do not be afraid :). However, the struggle against the virtual order alien to me, leaving Habr, I do not end. Taught by the experience of the unsuccessfully created community " For a new social web ", I decided to make a second attempt in the same direction.

    As of yesterday, March 9, a group of " Intelligents 2.5 " was formed in professions.ru , to which I invite all members of the hablog-blog "Intelligent Social Web and Enterprise 2.0" to join . In the near future, the groups “Enterprise 2.0” and “Cloud computing (computing in the clouds)” will be created there - two more topics that are supported in the collective blog that I leave. And, of course, as always, advanced versions of the relevant notes can be found on my iTechBridge blog .

    Well, those interested will read about everything else in the first materials, the sketches of which have already been laid out for discussion in the said group . With a copy of the Code of Honor of the group "Intelligents 2.5"You can also meet at iTech Bridge. As one of the ancients said, “if not us, then who? If not now, then when?".

    Goodbye HABR! You taught me a lot and helped me a lot. I met a lot of interesting people here. Not all of them and far from always agreed with me. But even the most fierce disputes with them left me with quite decent state of health. However, alas, one by one these people left you, Habr, or stopped actively cooperating with you. So “music didn’t play for a long time” ...


    PS If there are preliminary questions, please do not leave them in the comments, which I hardly read. Better write in person (my account in Habré remains ...still remains )

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