226,000 .РФ domains per day

    Within 28 hours from the start of open registration of .РФ domains, more than 226 thousand applications were submitted ( counter ).

    Registration began on November 11 at 12:00 Moscow time. It started with a stir. According to Kommersant, at the first hour more than 70 thousand addresses were registered, 121 thousand in three hours, and 183.4 thousand in six hours.

    But the day before, the director of the Coordination Center of the Russian National Domain (CC) Andrey Kolesnikov gave an interview and hoped that by the end of the year about 100 thousand domains would be registered. The Minister of Communications of the Russian Federation spoke about 25-50 thousand domains at the end of the year.

    Yes, the most optimistic registrars, who predicted “rush demand,” called figures of 80 thousand by the end of the week and 120-140 thousand by the end of the year.

    Well, the appetites of Russian cybersquatters far exceeded any forecasts.

    However, the most valuable domains were occupied even during the priority registration period: they were reserved by various non-governmental organizations and the media, such as the newspapers Vodka and Pivo, the Consumer Society for Recreation Our Lake (abbreviated as PORNO.RF) or the Open Independent Logistic Association "Yota N" (abbreviated as: ONLINE.RF).

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