Sierra Classic Adventures (0.fon)

    Hello, dear habrastvo! Remember the classic Sierra quests, a la Space Quest and Leisure Suit Larry? So, now I am engaged in their translation into Russian and combining them into a collection. The main principle that I am guided by is working at the highest possible quality level.

    Thus, I began to translate with the cyrillization of the fonts used in these quests. Since I never seriously worked with fonts, I took up the relevant literature, re-read Gordon's “Book of Letters” and his opus on the Cyrillization of Helvetica.

    In total, in these quests, tuyeva has a bunch of fonts and I decided to start from the very first - 0.fon, the result of my cyrillization of which I want to submit to your court. I would very much like the respected habitation community to suggest what needs to be fixed and what points to pay attention to, so that the font becomes more beautiful and correct.

    In my opinion, serifs on lowercase "c", "w" and "u" are not entirely unambiguous, as well as copying "p" from the Latin counterpart - is the protruding curl on top acceptable for Cyrillic "p"?

    PS A short at the capital “Y” is recessed into the letter due to the fact that the letters in the Sierra quests are limited along the upper edge - nothing can be placed above the upper edge of the capital letter.

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