Gamification of user activities or “Wrote a comment? Get a badge! ”

    Greetings, colleagues in the habrasociety. I am writing this post on behalf of the team of the popular Lifehacker blog , of which I have been a part for the past year. Surely, many have heard about our project and / or are its readers. For the rest, I’ll explain that Lifehacker is a blog that daily tells about tools and methods of personal productivity, ways to organize healthy and interesting leisure.

    Of course, we believe in the predominant role of content, but, of course, today interesting content is not all that needs to be done to create a successful information project. The project’s audience is important, not only its size, but also the degree of involvement, expressed in the desire to leave comments, share content (after all, it’s not for nothing that buttons of social networks are scattered everywhere today - in the world of winning social networks their effectiveness can hardly be overestimated) and even work as authors project. To ensure this involvement, we create our own solutions that make Lifehacker unlike other blogs. For example, we created a special project “Hakradar”, where we collect content that our readers post on Twitter, and also recently launched our own comment system,

    Today, Lifehacker has done something new. We decided to adopt the idea of ​​gamification of everything and everything, which is gaining popularity, and created our own system of virtual rewards for user activities. We linked into it almost everything that a user can do on our site - comments, the use of “social” buttons, even a simple visit to the blog for a certain period. As a result, we got such a nice set of awards (or, as they are now called, “badges”):

    Badges are opened as the user performs the appropriate actions, small hints to which we have scattered in the descriptions of them. Each badge earned is shown in the user's comments and opens on his profile page in the blog. The collection has not yet been completed and will be replenished as new functions and ideas are implemented. I’ll say separately that the concept we created is completely unique and is not tied to any third-party service.

    I take this opportunity to invite everyone to rate our game system, just go to any Lifehacker post (for example, this one ) and leave 1 comment there, after which you will be awarded the first badge. It is very simple, try :)

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