The domain name system is in jeopardy

    On Monday, at a UN meeting, representatives of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) spoke . They believe that the threat of the domain name system (DNS).

    “For many years, domain names have been primarily the identifiers of various companies and Internet users who own sites, but now domains are increasingly becoming a tool of scammers and ransomware,” said WIPO Director Francis Gurry.

    Harry says that laws need to be tightened, since now cybersquatters can register almost any address in their name without any problems.

    Despite the fact that in 1999 a system was launched according to which a domain name could be taken from cybersquatters, their number is growing. So, over the eight years of the system’s operation, about 10,200 complaints about domain misappropriation were filed, and in the last year alone, 1823 were received. It was also noted that in 85% of cases the domain was returned to its rightful owner.

    Harry at the meeting called the main methods that cybersquatters use to register domain names. So, for frauds, automatic scripts are used that check the expiration date of domain names, and if it is completed, register the domain with a cybersquatter.

    Francis separately noted the “domain-name tasting” system, thanks to which the cybersquatter canuse the domain for free for five days (however, nothing prevents you from re-registering the domain).

    Thus, as Harry notes, the domain name system turns into a speculative market.

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