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    imageProbably, any site has its own little secrets and tricks that make it possible to use the site more comfortable and convenient. They are not self-evident and not known to everyone, but those who know them can achieve the desired result with less effort or in a simpler and faster way.
    In this topic, I propose to share the techniques that you use on Habré.
    I have only two of them, and both seem to me necessary and in demand.

    How to read a draft post

    Who did not encounter the fact that following the link to a new post, he saw only a notification that the post was deleted in draft by the author or UFO?
    Of course, you can try to find a post in the search engine cache or web archive. But it’s much easier to edit the link to the post by adding only two letters “so” at the beginning: “ so habrahabr.ru”. As a result, you will get to SoHabr - a project that retains the posts of Habrahabr. There you can read the post and comments on it, if the author transfers it to drafts or the post is hidden by the administration.

    So the famous post “about breads” looks at Habré: habrahabr.ru/post/213387
    He is on SoHabr: sohabrahabr.ru/post/213387

    There is a slight limitation in the use of SoHabr: SoHabr was launched on September 20, 2013, so it does not find posts that were added to Habr earlier than this date.

    What you can’t talk about

    Discussing karma on Habré is not accepted. But no one forbade to think. And thoughts about how a post or comment influenced the karma of its author sometimes appear.
    The Habrometer , a site that collects and stores the values ​​of karma and user rating, allows you to see a change in the kabra user’s karma over the past 90 days .
    The link to the user's personal habrometer is: habrometr.ru/users/username/. Substituting the user's nickname into it, you can see how his karma has changed lately.

    Habrometer collects karma values ​​only registered users. For those who did not register with the Habrometer (read, did not know about it), it will not work to see the change in karma.

    Cyrillic links

    Of course, Cyrillic links are found not only on Habrahabr. But on an IT-related website, seeing links with a length of several lines, consisting of strange characters, is especially surprising. You can correctly copy the Cyrillic link in two stages. First, copy the first part of the link to the last slash, and then what follows it.
    If your browser is called Firefox, you can teach it to display Cyrillic links correctly by changing the settings:
    about: config

    Tell us, what methods do you use to work with Habrahabr? Maybe some kind of addition? Or style? Or is there something else on this site that you did not immediately learn about and would like to share with everyone?

    Used drawing from Squier post

    UPD1 is supplemented : varagian offered the link to the website Pulse Habr and Habr-Analitika . A description of the project can be found here .

    UPD2 : recently on Habrahabr they talked about a bookmarklet that checks spelling and corrects errors. It is very convenient to use to check your posts and search for typos.
    Bookmarklet code
    javascript:(function(){function main(){var text=document.body.innerHTML;text=text.replace(/<.*?>/g," "),text=text.replace(/[^а-яА-ЯёЁ]/g," "),text=text.replace(/\s+/g," ");var fragments=splitByLimit(text,1e4);for(var i=0,len=fragments.length;ilimit&&(fragments.push(fragment.join(" ")),fragment=[],fragmentLen=0),fragment.push(word),fragmentLen+=word.length*6+3,i==words.length-1&&fragments.push(fragment.join(" "))}return fragments}function checkAndReplace(text){var xhr=new XMLHttpRequest;xhr.onreadystatechange=function(){this.readyState==4&&(xhr.status==200?(data=JSON.parse(xhr.responseText),replaceWords(data)):console.log(xhr.status))},xhr.open("GET","http://speller.yandex.net/services/spellservice.json/checkText?options=7&text="+text,!0),xhr.send()}function replaceWords(data){if(!data)return;var body=document.body.innerHTML;for(var i=0,len=data.length;i4){var replacement=''+subst.s[0]+" ";replacement+=''+subst.word.split("").join("")+"";var regexp=new RegExp(subst.word);body=body.replace(regexp,replacement)}}document.body.innerHTML=body}main()})();

    UPD3 : Fenja suggested the site habrastats.comyr.com where you can see the top comments of Habrahabr. Details here .

    And a small poll to understand how popular this post turned out to be.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Did you know about the existence of the Habrometer before?

    • 3.5% Know and use 63
    • 30.4% I know, but I do not use 541
    • 66% did not know 1174

    Did you know about the existence of SoHabr before?

    • 4.5% Know and use 77
    • 7.6% I know, but I do not use 131
    • 87.7% Didn't know 1496

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