What has changed in Belarusian IT over the year

    A year ago, when the word crisis was not yet abusive, and the news feeds of IT sites were full of messages about hundreds of thousands of dismissed Belarusian programmers, we took the liberty of figuring out what was really happening in the Belarusian IT companies.

    As a result, everyone found out that in the midst of the crisis, 96% of Belarusian IT specialists were completely self-employed, only 8% of the respondents (mostly Juniors) heard the phrase “you were fired”, salaries decreased at 43%, and 47% looked with confidence at future. The main news was that, despite the crisis, nothing terrible is happening with Belarusian IT .


    A year has passed, and again there is no objective data on how our IT companies have changed over the past year. I think that it will be interesting for all Belarusians to find out the answer to this burning question, therefore, with this indiscreet post, I urge all Belarusian habrausers to fill out a short questionnaire .

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