The concept of HighLoad ++

    The concept of the HighLoad ++ program is ready , consisting of four requirements :
    • Consistency, focus on particulars;
    • How it works?
    • Wide coverage of topics;
    • Professionalism of the speaker.
    A full list of applications for reports is also published - now the Program Committee selects the best from them. Here are some reports:
    • Development of projects with high attendance / Alexey Rybak (;
    • Master class “Designing the architecture of a photo service using the example of” / Nikolai Dobin, Mikhail Petrov (Begun);
    • Runner architecture. HL & HA / Alexander Rumyantsev (Runner);
    • MySpace Architecture / Alexander Turkot (MySpace);
    • Logging and load monitoring / Konstantin Andryunin;
    • Asynchronous processing in high-performance systems / Ivan Panchenko (Stack);
    • Building clusters with GlusterFS / Marian Marinov (Google school);
    • Non-relational storage systems / Pavel Uvarov (Rambler);
    • Citrix NetScaler - the use of hardware solutions for building highly loaded systems / Nikolay Shadrin (Citrix);
    • Erlang - medicine under high loads / Alexander Dubovikov;
    • Architectural Features of Highly Loaded Systems in Telecom / Kirill Suzev (Cboss);
    Abstracts for these and many other reports can also be viewed on the HighLoad ++ conference site .

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