Extensions for Firebug

    Recently, there are more and more different add-ons for Firebug. I decided to make a short description for these plugins. Only 4 plugins have been described
    here .
    I will try to describe all the known plugins for Firebug.
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    1. Firescope - shows the level of support for HTML elements in a particular browser. Documentation
    2. Inline Code Finder - searches and displays HTML elements with javascript links ( Documentation
    3. FireCookie - a plugin for managing cookies. Documentation
    4. Jiffy adds a panel to display Javascript runtime. Documentation
    5. Pixel Perfet - plugin for overlaying page layout on HTML page (useful for layout designers). Documentation
    6. Yslow - analyzes a web page and shows problem areas when loading a page. Documentation
    7. Firebug Net Panel History Overlay - Adds a history panel to Firebug. Documentation
    8. Rainbow for Firebug - Javascript syntax highlighting plugin. Documentation (If using Firebug 1.2)
    FireRainbow - for version 1.3. Documentation
    9. Firebug Paint Events - shows details for MozAfterPaint events. Documentation
    10. FirebugCodeCoverage - shows additional information about Javascript files (list of called functions, file loading time, etc.)
    11. FirePHP - plugin for integrating PHP with the Firebug debugger. Documentation
    12. Firesymfony is a debugging plugin for the popular Symfony PHP framework. Documentation
    13. Drupal For Firebug - for outputting debugging information from Drupal. Documentation
    14. FirePython - debugging Python applications. Documentation
    15. UIMap - the plugin allows you to generate and verify Xpath paths, generate xml from table elements, etc.
    16.LogDigger is a plugin for Java developers. Allows you to view messages generated by the web application at the request of the client. Documentation
    17. FireSpider - looks for broken links on a page, and also helps to optimize a page for a SEO. Documentation
    18. SenSEO is a plugin that shows how your page meets important SEO criteria. Documentation
    19. ZK Jet is a plugin for developing Ajax applications without installing a server. Documentation
    20. QuickFill is a plugin that makes it easy to select text on a page and paste it into the sidebar for further processing.
    21. XRefresh. Documentation

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