Inter.By: On social programs in every hand!

    Today, after many months of development, the Inter.By project starts . You can create a standard release, in which, choking, talk about its super-use, crazy functionality and mega-relevance. But this still will not give a complete and lively idea of ​​the project. It will be much more interesting and effective to describe the image of the average user of this service.

    Say I'm a culinary blogger, I’m a regular blog on a regular WordPress. About three thousand people visit me every day, and I know for sure that many of them do not mind sharing their recipes and uploading photos of their masterpieces. But the trouble is that my blog in the form as it is does not allow this. And what am I doing? I get myself a subdomain on and create a news tab on it. Since the service makes it possible to fine-tune it, and my imagination works well, through simple manipulations I give the tab personality: I rename “news” to “recipe”, “tags” to “products”, and “authors” to “culinary”. For complete happiness in the rights settings, I allow all users to publish their recipes, turn on voting for recipes - and get a full service with a selection of recipes for products. Webdanol, UGC - everything is as it should,

    One could stop at this mini-service, but since I am an active person and want to cover the culinary theme as widely as possible, I create two more tabs on the domain. On one I post news from the world of culinary, and on the second - RSS feeds of culinary sites, blogs, forums and a block of bookmarks. And in the end, I get a self-contained culinary site with recipes, news, an RSS aggregator and my own bookmarking service. The time and effort to create - at least, special skills and training - even less. By the way, the example is not abstract - it is completely taken from life. You can see and evaluate the result of all the described manipulations at .

    Of course, for a good startup, the main functionality should be spiced up with nice gadgets. On Inter.By there are enough such lotions:

    Distribution of rights. You can configure rights very flexibly - there are both general policies and the appointment of editors. You can arrange entire closed clubs to arrange

    related tags . This is generally the most remarkable, in my opinion, chip. It works like this (using as an example): after selecting the “meat” tag, all recipes with this tag are loaded. And in the tag cloud, only those product tags that are in the displayed recipes are displayed. Well, for complete happiness it’s worth adding that the selection by tags can intersect with samples by category. That is, choose recipes with flour and eggs from the heading Desserts.

    Broadcasts . To track the domains / tabs / blogs / news of other users that interest me, I can enable their broadcasting on my domain. It turns out such an internal aggregator.

    Customize the look . In the end, you can give your offspring such an appearance that it can only climb into your head, and at any time change it as you wish, depending on your mood / condition / time of year.

    Surveys, ratings, settings for voting for news / posts, auto-tagging for posts, autosave - there are enough little things, and functionality to dig into.

    In a word, anyone, even inexperienced in site building, will find here a wide scope for creativity and self-realization. Wellcome, welcome to test and use!
    Inter.By .

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