Evernote: Unhappily Ever After

    I don’t really like scandal, so I suffered for a long time. I tried to talk about serious problems with Evernote in their community , but they did not listen to me. Since then I have received many more negative impressions of the service and today, having seen the banner on the Habré, I decided to enter into a more frank dialogue with the company.

    A year ago, when I started using Evernote and paid for it, I was impressed. Good software for Mac, favorable conditions - what you need! The community seemed responsive and friendly, just implemented shared notebooks. “Great,” I decided, and made Evernote an integral part of the workflow.

    A year later, it turned out that the software for Mac was not developing at all. About that wonderful shared notebooks began to be supported finally by the client, there is no question. Even obvious problems are not fixed. Yes, iPhone software has become much better, thanks. However, you can still use it only in write-only mode.

    However, I experienced a real shock when, by the will of fate, I ended up on a machine with Windows XP and, inspired by promises, decided to synchronize my database. I heard that the new version of Evernote for Windows shocked many, but I assumed that the habits and problems with “polishing” the new interface were to blame. Hell no. This piece of software does not work at all.

    - I was able to synchronize with 7 attempts. At a certain stage, it stops the download and looks at you inexplicably. And she doesn’t want to close. We knock out the process. Kitty, well, a bit more, huh?
    - It eats memory in an incredible amount. Yes, I got a weak machine with 1GB of RAM, but for the rest of the office software it is enough. And the addition will not help, judging by the nature of the brakes. Check back soon.
    - She's incredibly slow. Slowly draws, climbs all the time to synchronize and, what is the worst, does not hesitate to forget about the "promises" and roll back the changes.
    - Permanent black screen in place of the application window. Again, the process is hard knocked out.

    And that's it on Core 2 Duo! Poor guys trying to use this software on netbooks, where it would seem to be the place!

    I understand everything, of course, XP is an old system, and I myself would have gladly left it, but this is not always possible. If you decide not to support it, do it beautifully, please leave a working version for this system. And do experiments with newfangled frameworks in the version intended for other systems.

    No, I do not mind the money: while I was carrying a laptop everywhere, Evernote worked honestly. I am sorry that from an interesting young company Evernote became a monster engaged in the promotion of the product instead of improving it and carpet “marketing” instead of dialogue with users.

    At least write me an answer.
    Bye, Payalnik.

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