Announces Global Warming

    Greetings to% username%.
    Our hosting company has been engaged in Windows hosting for more than 10 years and we could not pass by such a momentous event as the 35th anniversary of our partner Microsoft. And so we prepared a surprise for everyone who wanted to try Windows, but for some reason did not.

    And so we announce " Global Warming " - as part of the action from April 5, you can get a Hyper-V virtual machine (512MB) on Windows Web Server 2008 R2 for just 100 r. per month! The promotion will run from April 5 to May 30 . Anyone who wants to try to transfer their project to Windows Server from other operating systems can accept the promotion . By participating you get

    for 100 rubles per month VPS of the following configuration:
    - Hyper-V RAM 512MB, HDD 40GB, CPU 10-50%, traffic is unlimited
    - Windows Web Server 2008 R2 (x64) + IIS 7.5 + .NET framework + PHP5 (FastCGI / Wincache) + MS SQL 2008 Express + MySQL5 + WPI
    - All licenses are included.

    At the end of 6 months, it will be proposed to change the tariff to one of the currently available, you can read more in our FAQ .

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