In his last article, Micro- Hosting Microsites, the respected ainu said:

    I would be pleased to see the use of microsites elsewhere . The technology is not mine personally. It must be in the public domain.

    Well, said - done. :-) I

    present to your attention the next round of micrositing - microapplets.

    Microapplets are made on the basis of micrositing, but unlike the latter, they are more similar to the execution of programs. Those. these are the programs that can be executed in ... comments . Indeed proposed by ainuthere are enough mechanisms - not only for creating microsites, but for implementing a kind of virtual machine that has RAM in the form of a session, and a program in the form of a php script.

    And as an example of such an application, I made an implementation for all of you of the well-known game - Minesweeper.

    ... You can easily write a calculator, tic-tac-toe, and if you really try, then a text editor or even something like a Turing machine . I don’t see anything particularly complicated in this.

    I warn you right away - due to the large number of requests (which, by the way, are executed quite quickly), the application may be running slowly, and due to the Habra effect, my server may go into the field. Then I will post the sources (... however, I will post them anyway - it's just too lazy now) - and continue on your servers. :-))

    Even predicting the comments, I’ll say right away - yes, it’s really weak for me to write microQuake and microWarcraft . If you want, you can try it yourself. :-)

    And in conclusion: the idea of ​​the mechanism certainly belongs to ainu , I just continued its undertakings a bit. Thank you very much. :-) By the way, if such noodles went, can it be time to create a separate blog? I feel that the idea will go far in the future.

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