Facebook tries to block purity greasemonkey script

    The popular Facebook Purity script (now renamed FB Purity ) allows you to remove unnecessary items on your Facebook site in your browser, such as Mafia Wars, Farmville and other annoying things. But it seems that the leadership of Facebook is extremely annoying that someone is “manipulating” their site.

    At first, they were unhappy that their registered trademark was used in the script name. Based on the clause of the rules from the user agreement, they simply took and deletedPurity's Facebook page on Facebook, although she had 5042 fans by then. I had to rename the script, register the page again and reassemble the community from scratch. But the problems did not end there. Facebook programmers made small changes to the page code, so the script stopped working.

    Facebook's actions are clearly directed against this script. Since they perceive it as some kind of evil, the question arises: does Facebook have the right to control the functionality and appearance of its website in a foreign browser on a remote computer? After all, users just want to make the site more convenient for themselves.

    Anyway, after such a scandal, FB Purity will surely have new users, so Facebook’s actions are unreasonable from all points of view.

    via techdirt

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